Perfect Ways Of Performing Ghusl In Islam

Ghusl means to become “PAK”, before to take Ghusl one should have to make Neyyah, without niyaah there is no thawab (reward) although ghusl will be valid. Ghussal should be made in a place there is total privacy, as well no one should have to face the Qiblah, the water should be enough available for ghusl, and one can perform it while standing or seated. One is not allowed to read any kalimah while taking Ghusl. A Quran teacher can better define all the rules of taking Ghusl, but some of them are given below.

  1. Wash your hand up to the wrists; the private part should also be washed before starting the ghusl.
  2. If there is NAJASAT one the body some elsewhere, it should be washed off.
  3. Quran teacher

  4. Performing wadu before ghusl, it should be done if there is rapidly flow away and perform the complete wadu.
  5. Making it sure that your mouth and nose have been rinsed three times.
  6. Pouring water on the head three times, after performing wadu
  7. Than pouring water on right should, and one left shoulder.
  8. Rubbing all the entire body, and pouring water on it, so that no place left.
  9. Pour the water on you head, body, so that even a single hair not left dry, if left than your ghusl is not performed. You have to wet all the hair, up to the base.
  10. One of the Mustahab (preferable) is to clean the body by rubbing it.

10.  Before taking Ghusl , rings and earring should be removed as to ensure that no single part of the body have been left dry, and water have reached to all of the entire body.

11.  Once completed, one should have to confine himself/herself to a clean place.

12.  At the end dry your body with a clean towl, and wear clean cloth.

There are three fardh in the ghusl which are:

  1. Rinsing the mouth in such a way that water reach to the all entire mouth, till throat.
  2. Rinsing of the nostrils upto the ending of fleshy part
  3. Wetting the complete body, so that not a single hair left dry
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